If you are an existing club member or would like to be waitlisted for spaces in one of our teams then you need an account on our online registration site http://guafc.ie/online. Doing so will put you on our mailing list and coming off our mailing list will remove your account and your club membership.

If you want your child to be put on a waiting list it isn’t enough just to add their details – you need to Add a Registration for them in the correct age group. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly as your account will show a negative balance

Our soccer camps and minileagues are generally open to non-members – and again just sign up to our online registration site.

The primary email address and details you provide should be for an adult (over 18). Then minor player details can be added.


Fees for the 2017-18 season are:

  • Academy 1 / 2 – our Academy setup for U7s and U8s  €200
  • U9 – U11 mixed (and U12 girls) €225
  • U12 – U19 €250
  • Seniors (anything over 19) €350

Our family rate limits the fees for 2 minors to €400 and for 3 or more minors to €475. Senior fees apply on top of those minor family rates.

All minor fees are due for payment in full by 1st September and first €150 of Seniors by 1st August and balance by 1st October.

There is no need to pay a registration fee just to join a waiting list – in fact we’d prefer you didn’t. Just click Home when presented with the payment screen.

Waiting Lists

We have 50+ teams across all age groups. The demand for spaces varies by age (and birth rates). Sometimes the wait is as long as 3 years – in other cases straight into a team. Below current September 16th 2017 are the dates the top of waiting list members registered. We generally process in date order other than when we need a volunteer for coaching/managing or other critical club role where we will favour a child based on parent involvement – and typically then only the child in the team the parent is assisting. The other exception is where a team needs a position specific player – like a goalkeeper – again we will typically offer it to the whole list and take the highest placed member who is interested.

Last but not least if your child is on our waiting list and playing with another club the transfer window rules may not allow you to accept a space when we offer it. Generally we are open to maintaining your position on the list if requested and offering the space to the next play.

Year of Birth Top of List
2000 2016/08/13
2001 2016/09/17
2002 2017/09/07
2003 2017/09/11
2004 2017/09/14
2005 2017/09/25
2006 2016/09/02
2007 2017/08/05
2008 2017/04/04
2009 2017/08/05
2010 2017/02/07

(Updated 1st November 2017)

We monitor the waiting list situation carefully and send a couple of updates during the year. If a space comes up we make contact with the top of the waiting list and move down the list until we find an interested party. Any queries about waiting list status to communications@guafc.ie