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All the information you need regarding club membership

Click here to go direct to our Member Registration site at

Existing Members

Ensure your spam filter allows mails from and

Forgotten Password

Click on and type in the email address you used to register.

Change Password

Once logged on type or click the Change Password link on the first screen after logging on.

Change "log in" email address
Email from your old email address giving the one you want to change it to. It is not enough to change your email address online.

DO NOT use the same password you use for other accounts such as Amazon, Paypal  etc – we do not have their scale and cannot offer the same protections – use a throwaway password. You can always retrieve it using the Forgotten Password link. DO NOT create a second account if you change your email address or forget which email address you used – drop us a mail and we’ll sort you out DO ensure that the primary user/email address of the account is not Under 18 as we won’t be able to email that person. In the case of minors, email addresses or contact phone numbers should relate to parents, guardians only as it is an offence under Child Protection legislation for the club to have direct contact with the minor, even with older age groups. DO keep personal details up-to-date as we need to ensure we can contact you or your next of kin in the case of emergency. In particular if you want to receive timely updates from the club remember to let us know if you change email addresses or phone numbers. DO LIKE us on Facebook

New (or Waiting List) Members

You are welcome to register an Account on by going to This does not oblige you to register a player or pay a membership fee. However assuming you supply at least one valid email address (and ideally mobile phone number) and allow emails from through your SPAM filter you will receive notification in advance of summer and winter mini-leagues and the annual registration cycle which starts in August each year. Creating an account providing your email address and mobile phone number and adding details of players you would like to register in the club is the best way to get your name on the waiting list even if spaces are not currently available as we will email details to relevant age groups if players drop out or an additional team is added. If you are planning to register a minor then open the account in the name of an adult parent or guardian and add the minor as a person to the account. We cannot deal directly with a minor. Once registration is open for a mini-league, annual registration or other event then you can then register people/players for them. Note that Dev1 (for 6 year olds) has open registration and places are typically allocated in order of registration. For other age categories where you are registering for the first time you will join a waiting list behind players returning from last season. As with any sport there are players who choose to drop out each year so generally a number of new players will join from the waiting list. Parents/Guardians who help out with coaching/managing or other volunteering duties will typically be given precedence in the waiting list. Once you have created an account then all of the instructions below apply to you also.


If you want your details and account removed from our database then email While you are a member and we hold your email details we will email you all notifications – there is no opt-out as that is our prime communication channel. However if you are no longer an active club member we will remove your details immediately on request. While your personal details will be treated with care, you should be aware that your registration details are shared with coaches/managers and other volunteers who help in the smooth running of the club. We do not hold any credit card details as online payments are taken via Paypal. As advised above we would recommend NEVER using your Paypal or other secure passwords as the password for your GUFConline account.


The member details site is fairly simple to use. There is a Help link on the main menu which links to a PDF containing detailed usage instructions. Emails announcing the opening of any new registration will be sent out to registered account email addresses usually a month in advance of the event e.g. mini-league, season start. You need to ensure that your SPAM filter allows emails from or ideally all emails from The basic rules of engagement for registration are as follows: – if you (or your child in the case of minors) were annual members last year you will get first refusal on a place this year. We ask you to let us know early if you are not planning to re-register so we can offer that place to another player before the season gets underway. In the interest of fairness to all, if you do not re-register in a timely fashion in advance of the season start your place may be given to someone on the waiting list.

  • Academy1 is our entry grade for 6-year olds and that is open to all applications typically in order of registration.
  • if you have not played last year and register in any other age category other than Academy1 then you are on the waiting list for that age group and will be in a queue to receive a place if any player drops out / does not return. Obviously the later a player drops out the later we will come back to you. Selection from the waiting list will generally be in registration order but ultimately is at the discretion of the Registrar. Traditionally parents/guardians who assist with coaching/team management will receive priority.
  • We encourage members to pay the full annual registration fees due by September 1st (start of season) as the club in turn begins to outlay expenses on behalf of players, teams, referees etc. However no player will be turned away for inability to pay and arrangements can be made with the registrar to pay in instalments depending on circumstances
  • In the case where a new entrant pays a fee but does not receive a place that fee will be refunded as soon as final confirmation of unavailability is made. No refunds are offered for players who drop out after the season begins.
  • the first training date for Academy1(age 6) / Academy2 (age 7) is generally Saturday 9-10am from mid-September. An email will be sent to all registered Academy1/2 accounts and/or eligible age groups in advance. In most other teams the coach/manager will have contacted players via Teamer or similar facility to arrange training. As coaching is a voluntary effort some teams start back later than others due to family holidays etc. —- Please note the instructions below apply only to people with existing accounts on the site. This is now the preferred route for all registrations.

Logging On

You should already have an account The email address to use for logging on is the address given when you registered. If you have forgotten your password click here. If you can’t remember whether you have an account or not then email from the email address you wish to use. Remember to allow emails through your spam filter so you can see our reply!

Adding an Additional Member

If you want to register someone not already on the account then click the Add Person button. Don’t overwrite your own details or another person’s details. Add a new person instead. Use the “Edit” link at the end of each person row to review each member’s details. We need a valid date of birth for every player, contact phone numbers (which for minor’s must be parent/guardian and not the childs own details) and medical information. Please take the time to double check the details are still correct from previous years. It ensures that essential information will get to you and in an emergency that we can contact next of kin and/or give correct information to medical professionals. Once you are happy there are valid details for each player you want to register then move to the next step.


Clicking “Add Registration” allows you to pick a Player (from the list of People on the account) and a Registration type. Only players with a date of birth specified will appear on the list so click Home and Edit the person to update their date of birth if you need to If the Player isn’t on your list go back to Step 2 and add them.


  1. Click on the player/person (only those with a Date of Birth will appear)
  2. Click on the appropriate registration type based on the age group of the player
  3. Add any notes relating to this registration if there are any special requests/queries – otherwise leave it empty
  4. Review terms and conditions and tick the box to agree
  5. Click Next and the Registration will now appear on your account screen with the status of Pending/Unpaid and your account balance will show as minus whatever amount is now due.

Repeat this process for each player you want to register. Remember that registering here puts you on the waiting list with last years players getting priority followed by new entrants. Do not assume automatic entry just because you have registered and paid Note that there is a maximum payment for all minors in a family and the discount is automatically applied.  Any senior memberships are payable in addition to this. All registrations are subject to approval by the Registrar and are pending until approved.

Payment After Registration

Once all registrations have been completed clicking on the Make Payment button will allow you add payments for each of your registrations and then Checkout via Paypal. Whether you have a Paypal account or not you can use your credit / VISA debit card to pay via this method.  Using online payment reduces the club administration and improves security and safety for all concerned so we appreciate your co-operation with this initiative. There are a number of outlets that sell single use credit cards for this purpose also (e.g. 3V etc). A successful Paypal payment will automatically appear in the list of Payments on your account and your account balance will reduce accordingly. Please note if you Make a Payment without making a registration (Step 3) we will have your hard earned money but no idea what player(s) it relates to and you will not be on the player list so please follow the instructions carefully And that’s it!

What’s Next?

The assignment of players to teams happens after registration and is not managed by the registration bookings team – once registrations are complete and the team and manager assignments are available they will be updated on the player registration on the site. Once your registration is confirmed, paid and teams are decided it will be changed to Active/Paid.

In Case of Difficulty

If anything does not work as expected with the site or you have difficulty making a registration, payment, logging on etc then email More detailed registration instructions with screenshots are available on the website – click on the “Help” tab. For any issue with registrations per se such as registration policy, declined registrations etc then With Thanks